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Solid Edge V18 Crack 13 ##BEST##

Solid Edge advanced modeling capabilities are becoming an integral part of many of the 3D process development tools currently in use. The AERES 3D model is the only advanced design tool that allows users to create a component with a finite-element (FE) shell model embedded within a scaffold provided by an underlying solid model [ 46, 47 ]. This method provides a holistic approach for developing physical models of the parts and assemblies of complex structures.

solid edge v18 crack 13


An arc crack with radius R of R of 0.

The peel stress distribution shows that the formation of peel cracks is inevitable in order to relieve the multi-axial fatigue stress because no peel crack exists at z=0.1. Consequently, only a lower critical lifetime is predictable.

When a transverse peel crack grows out from the inner bond-line edge at z=0.26 (Fig. 13c ), a lateral peel-off crack can occur at the inner bond-line edge. The formation of this crack increases the effective tensile stress in the glass-polyester adhesive, resulting in a potential local weakening of the bond at that location. It also increases the probability for the failure of the bonded laminates.

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